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AI 4 Jobs

Artificial Intelligence has become a large part of people’s lives. The world in which we live is dependent on AI and always has been. The world needs a skillful generation.

The Orbit Way

Job Placement

Why did the companies adopt AI?

The company needs credible, fast and accurate information with increasing business competition. Because of the rising level of business competitiveness, the company needs reliable, timely, and accurate information. The company needs Artificial Intelligence (AI) to address this problem. AI has become a pioneer for the company to grow and develop.

What have you learned?

Total learning in this program is 900 hours

Logic and Concept of AI Technology: 2 Credits (100 hours)
AI Research Methods: 3 Credits (120 hours)
AI Project Cycle: 3 Credits (120 hours)
Python Programming: 3 Credits (100 hours)
Profession Ethics & Company skills: 3 Credits (130 hours)
Entrepreneurship skills: 3 Credits (130 hours)
Final Project: 6 Credits (200 hours)
Total: 900 hours
For only 40.000.000 IDR

Our Learner Testimonial

Fiqri Maulana Arokhman
Student MSIB AI 4 Start-Up Batch 1
The program is fun, taught from the very beginning so that people who are new to this field can follow along. At the end there is a final project, where we look for problems that can be solved by AI.
Rinno Novaldianto
AWS re/Start
The AWS re/Start program helped me master the fundamentals of Cloud Computing and apply them by working as a Cloud Support at VibiCloud (a cloud solutions company).
Arya Dwi Pratama
Student Kampus Merdeka Batch 2
Apart from the knowledge gained, the advantage of participating in this independent study is that we also make friends and add relationships that can help us towards a better future. Class coaches who are always ready to help if you are unclear in doing the assigned projects. Thank you to Orbit Future Academy for the knowledge provided.