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AWS re/start

AWS re/Start is a free competency development program that can enhance your career in the Cloud Computing field.

The Orbit Way

Job Placement

Building a career in technology with AWS re/Start

AWS re/Start cooperated with Orbit Future Academy to offer this free program online, so you can access this program anywhere. Using case scenario-based learning methods, practical laboratories, and assignments; students will gain the skills needed for entry-level careers in cloud computing. In this program, there are also self-development.

What Will You Learn

Week 1 – Week 7

Focusing on the core IT field for support/operation such as Linux, Network, Security, Python Programming and Databases

Week 7 – Week 9

Focusing on the main core of AWS such as Cloud Economics, Global Infrastructure, Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon CloudWatch, Auto Scaling, Cloud Architecting & Security

Week 9 – Week 12

Learn more about AWS services from the operational view such as Tooling-and-Automation, Computing-Servers, Scaling-and-Name-Resolution, Containers-and-Serverless, Networking, & Monitoring-and-Security

Work Skills

Focus on activities that combine soft skills learning with a professional environment – such as tools, processes, and exposure to best practices. An immersive, integrated experience created for students through a blend of technical and behavioral skills that enhances the interview process.

Registration Steps


Registration (No Need Academic Engineering Background)




Orientation Session


Implementation of The Learning Process


Interviews & Meetings with Perspective Employees




Enjoy Your Newest & Best Career Journey


Who is this program for?

  • Diploma or Bachelor Degree
  • Have working experience for two years in any field (IT experience is not a requirement)
  • Have access with the following minimum specifications:
  • Intel Processor i3/AMD 3, RAM 4GB, 500 GB hard drive internal/external, webcam, mic, speaker
  • A Stable Internet Connection
  • Currently not working
  • Not Studying Full-time in any course or school
  • Have a Full-time from 9.00 until 5.00 WIB every Monday until Friday for Three months
  • Ready to work immediately after completing the training (If get a job is offered)
  • Indonesia Citizen or Permanent Resident

What benefits will you get?

Free Training on Current and Future Skills

Yes! Training for cloud-in-demand computing skills is absolutely free! Your first step to unlocking a new career path in IT!

Real Practicing

You will complete real scenario-based learning, hands-on practice, and courses to prepare for a career in Cloud computing!

Global Certification

After completing the training, You will be eligible to take AWS Certified Exam Cloud Practicing

Placement Opportunities

We will work and assist you with many placement opportunities so you can start your career.

Technical Skills
  • How AWS Cloud works
  • AWS Cloud Skills
  • How to use many Programming Languages
  • Develop the skills that which the same AWS
  • Certification – Will be prepared for the Certification Exam
  • AWS Cloud Certification Practitioner
Behavioral Skills & Mindset
  • An Effective Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Team Work
  • Time Management

Our Learner Testimonial

Fiqri Maulana Arokhman
Student MSIB AI 4 Start-Up Batch 1
The program is fun, taught from the very beginning so that people who are new to this field can follow along. At the end there is a final project, where we look for problems that can be solved by AI.
Rinno Novaldianto
AWS re/Start
The AWS re/Start program helped me master the fundamentals of Cloud Computing and apply them by working as a Cloud Support at VibiCloud (a cloud solutions company).
Arya Dwi Pratama
Student Kampus Merdeka Batch 2
Apart from the knowledge gained, the advantage of participating in this independent study is that we also make friends and add relationships that can help us towards a better future. Class coaches who are always ready to help if you are unclear in doing the assigned projects. Thank you to Orbit Future Academy for the knowledge provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost for pursuing the program?

This program is free for everyone

How can I submit the application to participate in this program?
  • Go to
  • Choose “Our Program” and “Individual Solution”
  • Click “AWS re/Start” and “Enroll Now”

If you find the option to fill out the registration form, it means we have not opened this program in your country. Stay to fill out the form and we will contact you when the program officially opens.

My application is in process. How long is the processing time?

Your application will be processed for the next steps in a month’s time. If you have not yet received any updates from us, please contact us.

What are the reasons for an application to be rejected?

Any application can be rejected if you do not meet any one of the mandatory requirements that we have set OR you do not meet the minimum score required to pass the examination stages in the program’s admissions. Make sure to review the requirements found on the AWS re/Start site, Programs section. There are some of the common causes of rejection of your application for registration are:

  • You are not a permanent citizen of Indonesia
  • Currently, you are working more than 16 hours per week
  • While pursuing this program, you are also going through another full time academic or training program
  • You don’t have permission to live and work in Indonesia
  • You are unable to meet the full-time requirements throughout the process of the program
  • You have not reached the minimum score on any of the entire exams/assignments that you must pass in order to progress into the next steps
  • You’ve already joined the previous batch of AWS re/Start Program.
I don’t live in Indonesia, but I am interested in this program. Can I join the program?

Unfortunately, this program is only accessible to Indonesian Citizens (WNI) or Indonesia Permanent Residents who live in Indonesia.

After I have completed the training program, What should I do to be able to connect with a job vacancy or as a candidate for a job?

On completion of the AWS training program, we do provide the necessary support for connecting you for job interviews with your background.

Do I need an academic background in Engineering or IT to be able to join this program?

No, An academic background in Engineering / IT is not a requirement to join the program.

What is the medium of instruction for this program?

The program is currently being offered in English only.

After graduation, what certificate will I get from the program?

We have designed the AWS re/Start module to prepare you for the graduation in the final exam & CCP Certification (Certification Cloud Practitioner). The cost for one certification exam is included in the AWS re/Start. You will get AWS CCP Credential once you have passed on certification exam.