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Kemnaker RI collaborated with AWS re/Start to provide cloud skills to disadvantaged individuals in Indonesia

January 30, 2024

Jakarta – 30th January 2024: The Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemnaker RI), as part of the USAID PADU program with Banyan Global, has collaborated with the Orbit Future Academy to launch the AWS re/Start program.

AWS re/Start is a 12-week full-time cloud skill development program targeting unemployed and underemployed individuals. The program prepares all participants to build careers in cloud and connects them with employment opportunities after graduating from the program. The program is offered at no cost and a technology background is not required to apply.

"Through collaboration with Orbit Future Academy and Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the AWS re/Start program, Kemnaker RI hopes to gradually address unemployment issues in Indonesia and the skills gap between the available workforce and existing job vacancies. Kemnaker RI believes that the long-term implementation of the AWS re/Start program can ensure the achievement of Indonesia's 2045 vision with a workforce ready to contribute at both regional and international levels," said Dr. Hj. Ida Fauziyah, M.Si., Minister of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia.

AWS re/Start supports diverse learners profile including those from low income background, career shifters, disadvantaged youth, women retuning to work, veterans and their spouses among other.

“AWS re/Start brings ‘net-new’ talent into the workforce, helping individuals to launch successful careers in cloud, organizations to increase their competitive edge with in-demand talent, and communities to thrive and grow. We are proud to collaborate with USAID PADU project with Kemnaker RI and Banyan Global to build a diverse, robust cloud workforce of the future, allowing organizations to accelerate their innovation with cloud”, said Anthony Amni, Country Manager, Indonesia, AWS.

The course materials and hands-on practice based on real-world scenarios in the AWS re/Start program equip participants with the technical skills needed for entry to mid-level roles in cloud computing.

By completing the AWS re/Start program, participants will experience direct or indirect impacts on their jobs and careers. For those in the job-seeking process, certified cloud computing skills will be an added value to their professional reputation in front of recruiters and users. For those already working and building their careers, cloud computing skills will significantly enhance their value in their current professions.

"The AWS re/Start program is the best answer to the needs of the current and future industrial world for professional workers who have broad perspectives and understand technology and can synergize various technological advancements for increased effectiveness, efficiency, and consistency in their work. Workers who understand how technology works and how to apply various technologies to support their work will become employees who can have a significant impact on the organizations they work for. Therefore, Orbit Future Academy believes that AWS re/Start can be part of the solution to the skills gap issue currently experienced by the industrial world," said, Nalin Singh, CEO of Orbit Future Academy, a Collaborating Organization for AWS re/Start program in Indonesia.

Through the AWS re/Start program, periodic job training, and ongoing practice, it can be ensured that the Indonesian workforce will have a significant impact on the regional and global labour markets. AWS re/Start equips its graduates with the AWS-CCP (Certified Cloud Practitioner) certificate, which holds high value when the individual relocates to work abroad. Technological insights and skills enable the workforce to have broader and more diverse job opportunities and career prospects.

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