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The Orbit Way

Job Placement

OSC Program

Orbit Skill Center is a world-class single-point center that solves the challenges faced by learners and, the University while providing a holistic solution to the industry for job readiness. The core of our learning program is designed based on the Orbit Way. It has three streams of study to solve the challenges identified.

The Framework

Stream 1

The first stream is the Orbit Job Readiness Program. It begins with an assessment system that assess the learners of 5 core competencies and 30 sub competencies. A personalized learning path is created for each competency depending on the assessment score and the learner goes through a 5 stage program to earn the Orbit Job Ready Badge.

The Orbit Job Ready Badge has a Star Rating System, valid for 2 years, and is recognized by hundreds of Orbit Jobs Employers who are connected to your University through our Orbit Jobs portal.

The program has expert sessions with industry leaders to support this learning program. Such as Mr. Ilham Habibie, Sandiaga Uno, Primus Dorimulu, Prof. Ir. Nizam, Manoj Punjabi, Deny Rahardjo, and Ms. Shinta Widjaja Kamdani.

Stream 2

Learners have the opportunity to choose from 30 Industry 4.0 courses and get certified based on their interests and needs. These courses are between 42 – 84 hours each and are instructor supported.

Stream 3

This stream has courses for educators, courses on sustainability and courses that learners are currently passionate about. These courses are between 2 – 42 hours in duration.

The Challenges of University

Learners need to continuously upskill by accessing other best-in-class courses from reputed global Universities and Vocational Institutes

Universities need to provide outcome to learners either as job seekers or job creators

The Industry demands job ready & digitally aware graduates from Universities, as per their definition

Learners need career counselling, identification of courses and facilitation to pursue studies overseas

Learners are unable to identify and pursue career paths based on their skills & competencies

Learners require latest Industry 4.0 soft and hard skills which may not be a part of the current curriculum and the instructors may not be from Industry

University Benefits

Better University Ranking
Access To Industry-led
Internship Programs
Lower Drop-Out Rates
Higher Enrollment
Enhancement of Academic
Staff Performance
Higher Job
Placement Rate

Learners Testimonials

How To Be Part of The First 30 Flagship

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